About me

Around eight years ago, I could barely hold a toothbrush or fasten buttons first thing in the morning. I’d already had arthritis in my neck but doing simple exercises to strengthen the muscles around the affected area really helped.

At the time, I used to walk and dance to stay fit and wanted to stay fit enough to continue dancing; I didn’t want arthritis to prevent me doing the things I needed to do, or the things I enjoyed. Then I read an article that changed everything.

It was about a technique called Nia which promised the kind of strength, mobility and flexibility that I wanted. I knew it would help my stiff, sore joints and keep me fit and it sounded like fun too, but there were no classes in the North East. That was a bit of a light bulb moment; I realised that the only way to attend regular classes was to teach them!

Since then I’ve trained in other techniques and have been teaching since 2010. I walk a lot and dance every week and my wrists and neck are pain free. I’ve also seen a huge difference in people I’ve worked with. And I want to share what has helped us with you, so that you can move with Joy and Ease too.

A few things you probably didn’t know about me

I’ve never been sporty and if you’d told me 10 years ago I’d be teaching movement classes I would never have believed you.

I feel fitter now than I did in my twenties – I can’t believe that at 50-something I’m able to do press-ups.

I like making simple changes to improve my health and wellbeing, but I still enjoy a coffee and a cake. It’s all about balance…

On a free Saturday, you’ll find me watching “Saturday Kitchen” and then heading off to the kitchen full of inspiration. People are always asking for my flapjack recipe or how I make chocolate caramel square – a staple at family get-togethers.

Since around 1995, I’ve been an enthusiastic Irish Set Dancer. I’ve even taught beginners – in French!

My long-term dream is to help people live and move with Joy and Ease in a safe, comfortable space, that allows them to take some time out from busy, stressful lives. To enable me to do that I’m helping other people to save and/or earn. How could some extra money in your pocket help you?
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