Ageless Grace

What is Ageless Grace?

Ageless Grace is a brain fitness programme that is fun and based on neuroscience and PLAY

Ageless Grace is a series of 21 tools to keep your brain and body functionally fit so that you can go about your daily life with comfort and ease.

How does it work?

Using a range of movements, Ageless Grace, maintains and repairs neural pathways and develops new ones. Ageless Grace uses five areas of the brain:

  • analytical thinking
  • strategic planning
  • kinesthetic learning
  • memory and recall
  • creativity and imagination

and each Tool focuses on a different technique, in order to improve joint mobility, spinal flexibility, cognitive function, balance. The Tools are simple, natural, non-choreographed and can be practised to any music. And the sense of humour usually gets a good workout too!

Here’s Denise explaining how it works in a recent TED talk (October 2016):

Who is it for?

AG logo colourIt is suitable for people of all ages, from schoolchildren – where it helps them develop skills – to senior citizens where it can help regain movement and mental agility.  The Ageless Grace Tools  are practised seated, this means they not only work the core and massage the organs but they are also accessible to just about anyone.

Ageless Grace classes are suitable for care homes, sheltered housing, community and support groups, businesses and the home.

Anne at Supple Change became an Ageless Grace Educator in April 2013. At the time of writing she is the only Ageless Grace Educator in the North of England.

Contact us now to arrange a taster or demonstration.

More about Denise Medved, creator of Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace was created by Denise Medved who has taught movement and fitness for many years and who has a particular interest in teaching the over 50s. She worked with scientists studying neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain and nervous system to change, and over a number of years developed the 21 Tools.

Her aim was to provide an easy-to-do series of moves that take no more than 10 minutes a day and which no special equipment and can be practised at home. Classes, however, provide an ideal, fun environment to learn and practise the tools.

Denise says: “If your doctor told you: “There is an anti-aging prescription for pills that will give you lifelong comfort and ease, and that they will begin to take effect in 10 minutes”, how excited would you be? I’m talking about an Ageless Grace pill, spelled like this: P-Play, I-Instead of L-Living L-Limited.” – Denise Medved, creator of Ageless Grace IN “The Ageless Grace Playbook: 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease”, Purple Iris Press, LLC, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 2011. Here is Denise talking about Ageless Grace and Neuroplasticity:

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