Read about Nia

  •  Will I Get A Workout?  by Melanie McFarland
    “This is the first question people have asked me when they’re deciding whether to sample Nia. Or the second, right after “What is Nia?” The movement form celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013, but most people have never heard of it…”  More
  • An open letter to my Nia teacher – Michele Kaye by Sophia Smith September 2014
    Dear Michele, I would like to thank you most warmly and sincerely; I can’t find adequate words to express how precious Nia has become for me over the past 6 or 7 years …” More
  • What Janey Did Next: Moving on up by Janey Lee Grace,
    Spirit & Destiny Magazine, January 2012.
    “For years and years I was totally exercise-phobic. I simply didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t understand the euphoria people got from ‘going for the burn’. But as I became more aware of my own health and wellbeing, and, yes, as I got older, I realised that exercise is not an option – it’s a necessity…” More
  • Dance meets martial arts in Joy of Movement classes by Julia Penfold,
    Primary Health Care, March 2011
    “People with mobility difficulties can benefit from a forrm of
    movement known as Nia”  More
  • Fit and flexible the Nia way Nov 2013 by Barry Nelson,
    The Northern Echo, November 2013.”A barefoot dance and fitness movement which started in the US 30 years ago has finally reached the North East…” More
  • Nia exercise benefits individuals with breast cancer October 2013.
    “Researchers from ProMedica Cancer Institute have released new findings about the benefits of Nia exercise for individuals with breast cancer. ..” More

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