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Do you feel stressed? Nia can help!

Nia logo newSomeone who did her first Nia class last week told me how relaxed she felt by the end – even though she’d had a good workout. That’s something that I hear a lot about Nia classes and I’ve often thought that Nia could be a great stress-buster for employees at lunch-times or at the end of the working day.

I was inspired therefore when I recently came across an article  which describes how a stress reduction programme for staff became a programme for cancer patients. Read the full article: Giving Cancer patients something to dance about.

Seated and adapted Nia – fitness for anybody

I keep saying that Nia moves can be adapted for any Body. And  it’s possible to do a whole class sitting down. Well, here’s the proof.

This video is shows how Nia movements were adapted for participants in a cancer study: “The Effects of Nia on Shoulder and Arm Mobility for Women with Breast Cancer“. I’ve referred to this study in an earlier post.

The song, “We Are All Connected” by Magic Sound Fabric is part of the Nia routine “R1“.

Three levels of intensity are demonstrated along with three different options to do Nia — chair, moderate and athletic.

Nia is about moving your body’s way – whatever your level of fitness.