My top tips: getting the best from your Nia workout

Shop NiaTV Today!What do I need to do a Nia workout?
A bit of space and time. That’s all. No special clothes. Not even special shoes.

Nia workouts usually last an hour. Just wear something comfortable that allows you to move and make sure your have some water to drink. Workouts are usually done barefoot, but if you need to keep your shoes on, please don’t let this stop you giving Nia a try.

I have an aching shoulder/knee/particular health challenge. Can I do Nia?
Nia is all about doing things the Body’s Way and listening to your body. The guideline is: “If it feels good, continue. If it causes pain, stop.”

You may find that a subtle change in position or the way you do the move can help. Sometimes slowing down can also help you to discover how far you can move. You can also THINK or IMAGINE the moves (your brain doesn’t know the difference between a move you do, and one you imagine).

And always follow your doctor’s advice.

I have no co-ordination. Can I do Nia?
Yes! Nia isn’t about “getting it right”. You don’t have to be in step with everyone else, going in the same direction, or even doing the same move. If you’re listening to your body (see above), then you may have to tweak the move  and do it differently anyway.

You don’t have to do the whole move straight away
Start with your feet and gradually bring in the rest of your body. Move gently to begin with, you can always turn up the intensity later – and turn it down again if you want to!

Protect your knees
When you sink towards the floor, take your hips back. This means the thigh muscles and glutes take the strain – not your knees!

More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your life – body, mind and soul.

Adapting to your level of fitness

For an energetic workout

  • The bigger your moves, the more ground/space you need to cover and the faster you’ll need to move, so the more energetic the workout
  • To increase the intensity of your workout, reach higher, sink lower and reach out further

For a slower, gentler workout

  • Keep the moves smaller; you have more time to fit them in
  • Do fewer repetitions of a move
  • Sit down. Yes, it is possible to do a seated workout (see below).

Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind

Staying safe on your chair (seated workout)

  • Choose a stable chair that won’t tip over easily – one with 4 legs is better than a folding chair and don’t use one with wheels!
  • For most moves, sit far enough forward so that your bottom is supported, your feet rest on the floor and your elbows are not going to hit the back of the chair as you move.
  • If you are going to lean forward, put one foot forward (this improves your stability, so you won’t fall forward off the chair).
  • If you decide to lift both feet off the floor, or use both hands and/or both feet at the same time, move back so your thighs are on the chair and your back is supported.

And most of all: Have fun! Dance like nobody’s watching. Discover the Magic of Nia!

  • Take a look at my Classes & Events page for details of classes in Co. Durham and Darlington
  • Check out the Nia website for details of classes in the rest of the UK and around the world
  • Go to NiaTV to do a workout right now!

Nia is non-impact, practised barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Join NiaTV today!