Bring me sunshine and a smile

As the days draw in and the year end approaches, every sunny day is a bonus. I was inspired by Pam Grout’s blog last Friday to make the most of the sun and went for a walk in a local park. The photo on the right really doesn’t do it justice, though it does show how clear and blue the sky was. The ground was covered with water droplets that glowed in rainbow colours as the sun caught them. They looked like tiny fairy lights strung between the blades of grass but they just weren’t visible in any of the photos I took.

As I was reflecting on this, I was reminded of the Morecambe and Wise song “Bring me sunshine in your smile” which seemed to bring a smile to everyone when Susan Calman recently danced to it on “Strictly come dancing”. Smiling, apparently releases serotonin and I’m told that just the action of smiling, whether you feel like it or not, can lift your mood. “Strictly” often makes me smile. I’ll be watching a dance sequence and suddenly realise that I’m smiling. Dancing and music can bring such joy.

In a recent newsletter, Anne Jirsch suggested smiling at yourself in the mirror, smiling at everyone who crosses your path (even if they think you’re crazy) and sending a huge smile out to any area of the world that needs help. My grandmother used to say, “a smile costs nothing”.  She was right. Shall we give it a try this month?

And finally, a quick reminder that there are no Nia classes on Monday 13th November.

Have a great month.

Nia move of the month – Hand technique:
Webbed Spaces

If you want to strengthen your hands, wrists and fingers, this is one to practise. And it’s so simple: you just “yawn” with your hands. Spread your fingers, and sense the spaces between them. Extend your fingers and increase the space between them.

“Dance” your hands around you. What sensations do you notice? Tingling? Temperature changes? Can you “feel” the space in the palm of your hand too?

The faster version involves both hands chopping at the same time, keeping the wrists loose  – like a massage therapist working on tense tight muscles.

Here’s Laurie Bass to tell you more.

What I’m reading

Pam Grout: Have you claimed your gifts today?

What I’m watching

Can’t resist linking to this – it just makes me smile…

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Nia classes

No classes on 13 November 2017

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