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What is Ageless Grace?

Ageless Grace is 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease. Developed with the “Baby Boomer” generation in mind, Ageless Grace comprises easy, seated moves to your favourite music. No more than 10 minutes a day is the recommendation to help you with the three “Rs”.  In Ageless Grace terms, the three “Rs” are the ability to

  • Respond
  • React
  • Recover

efficiently and safely. This means that you will stay on your feet if someone bumps into you. You’ll be able to bend down to pick up your keys if you drop them, or stroke your dog or cat and reach up to put that jar back on the top shelf of your kitchen cupboard.

The Ageless Grace Tools have easy-to-remember names that encourage playfulness and creativity and include all the main joints of the body as well as the connection between the body and mind. They stimulate the central nervous system and can improve overall wellbeing. Here’s Denise Medved the creator of Ageless Grace to tell you more: