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Be Inspired, free from pain and take care of you!

IdeasLast week, someone asked me where my ideas for this blog and newsletter come from.  Well, leading up to publication date, I jot down ideas, and note items I think might be of interest to the people who read it, and which are related to what I do. Some ideas come from other people’s blogs, I pick up ideas from tv and radio, from books and articles I read and from friends. This month, however, much of what I’m going to share with you, came up at a meeting of The Inspire Network.

The Inspire Network is an organisation for women and has members and regular meetings all over the North East. For me,  it’s a great way to meet interesting people involved in a wide range of businesses and activities; we share our experience and learn about what others in the network do.

Bright_light_lampThis month in Durham, we heard about:

  • the importance of self-care from Laura Agar Wilson author of the Wholeheartedly Healthy blog
  • a website for those with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • a free app with articles, hints and tips on emotional wellbeing
  • Embrace” – a film about body image to be shown at the Metrocentre this month. The film will be shown if there’s sufficient interest, so if you’re interested, you might want to book a ticket now.

SultanaAnd finally, a friend told me how her arthritis pain has gone since she started using a mix of gin and yellow raisins. It seems that most people have at least one of the ingredients in the house (and it’s not the raisins which come from health food stores). Here’s an article which explains why it may be effective. And here’s a recipe. Now I’m not necessarily recommending this. I haven’t tried it myself, but I find the idea intriguing. Let me know if you decide to give it a go!

Hoping you have had a great start to the New Year
Best wishes for February

PS. If you’d like more information about the raisins and gin idea, head over to the Health Ambition website where there’s a well-researched article by Helen Sanders on the subject.

Nia move of the month – Punch Down

There are four basic punches: Upward, Outward (forward), Across and Downward. as with the Blocks, they all begin and end in the Ready Position: A or Sumo Stance, knees soft and spring-loaded, hands in a fist with palms up, elbows in, forearms close to your body.

You can sound, “up!”, “out!”, “down!” or “across!” to engage your core and diaphragm.

Punches can help you move quickly and rhythmically. They develop strength in your core and arms and condition your back and legs too! and can really make you feel more powerful. Put on your favourite music and depending on the beat, play with strong, powerful, jazzy and gentle punches.

For Punch Down, start in Ready Position and bring one fist and forearm down in front of your body. The other elbow draws back at the same time.

Dates for your diaryCalendar

Move with Ease – Seated & Nia at Woodham

You may have noticed, if you’ve been over to the Classes and Events page of my website, that the seated class at Aycliffe Youth and Community Centre has been cancelled. Unfortunately, the number of attendees was too low to make the class viable. I’m afraid the same was true of the Nia class at Woodham Community Centre.

Nia Classes at Keep Fit Darlington and Pioneering Care Centre

These two classes, by contrast, continue to grow and thrive.
A new block of five classes will start at each venue on Monday 13 February 2017.

Saturday 18th February, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.Massage-hand-4
Bishop Middleham Village Hall,
Front Street, Bishop Middleham, Co.Durham DL17 9AJ

A day of taster sessions including therapies and massage, I.T. and language conversation cafe, with a Nia taster and a seated exercise taster.

Details are still being finalised.Check the Classes and Events page for more information closer to the date.

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Take 5 – All change

I’m planning a few changes.

Nia logo new redFirstly, there will be no Nia class at Woodham Community Centre on Wednesday 28 September. It’s just for the one week.

Secondly, I’ve extended the Early Bird price for the “Move with Ease” session on 30 September to anyone who books on or before Monday 26 September and to anyone who’s a regular at my weekly Nia classes. In addition, if you book for yourself and a friend, you can both pay the Early Bird price. So join us, release the tension in tired muscles and relax completely. See below for more information and a link for booking.early-bird

Thirdly, I’ve decided to change this to a monthly newsletter/blog, with occasional updates in between if there’s a special event coming up or important information I need to give you. This means that the next “Take 5” will be out at the beginning of October.  This should give me time to mull over some changes I want to make to my website over the next few months.

And finally, the next block of Monday evening Nia classes will start at the Pioneering Care Centre on Monday 10 October 2016.  Check out Classes & Events  for more information and how to book your place.

Have a great week, see you at the beginning of October.

Nia move of the week – Inward Block

All the blocks begin and end in the Ready Position:  A or Sumo Stance, knees soft and spring-loaded, hands in a fist with palms up, elbows in, forearms close to your body. As you move your arms, imagine your head and shoulders are staying within an imaginary picture frame.

To do the Inward Block, from Ready, bring your fist and forearm across your body to block the opposite side of your face, while the other elbow pulls back. Keep your hips facing front.

The Blocks help build strength and speed in your arms and the core of your body.

Watch it here

Classes & Events – Dates for your diary
Move with Ease – still, calm and relaxed

Simple moves to help relieve tension so you feel totally relaxed
in mind and body

move-with-ease-20160930Friday, 30 September, 18.30 – 20.30, Darlington

Simple moves to relax muscles, help relieve tension and move with greater ease will be followed by a gentle moving meditation and then a time of complete relaxation with a guided visualisation.
Early Bird price £15;  full price £17.50
Book now or go to the Classes & Events page for more information

Download Flyer

New block of five Nia classes at the Pioneering Care Centre,
will begin Monday 10 October 2016. A minimum of 10 people is needed to run this class. Book your place now.


Saturday 8 October, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Northumbria Healers Mind Body Spirit and Wellbeing Event
Hexham Auction Mart, Tyne Green, Hexham

128-A5_Vertical-2016-Mind-Body-Spirit-Event-Version-1-Flyer (single-sided)The Northumbria Healers provide a free healing service to the public on the last Saturday of every month in Riding Mill, Northumberland and I had the great pleasure of sharing some Nia with them on 20 August.

The Mind Body Spirit Event is their main fundraising event of the year and is usually a very enjoyable day with a range of interesting workshops and taster sessions, gifts and healing available.

You can read more about the healers on their website.

Full details of all Supple Change  Classes & Events

The perils of having a website

Does this only happen with my website or do other people often get unsolicited comments on their website or blog which make very little sense, have nothing to do with the subject of the blog post and come from strange email addresses?

It’s distracting because I’ve got enough to do without moderating comments which have nothing to do with my Nia classes, general wellbeing or staying fit and mobile. I’m attempting to provide good quality information and services and some people persist in sending me rubbish.

At first it was one or two comments from time to time. Now it’s practically one or two a day. I’m hoping that, like the cold callers, they get fed up with the cold shoulder treatment and eventually stop.  Any suggestions?  Maybe I’ll just disable the comments function.