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Nia exercise benefits individuals with breast cancer

This is the first major study in the USA on the benefinia-tech-small-colorts of Nia for people with breast cancer.

The research showed that Nia not only reduced fatigue in people undergoing radiotherapy, but gave them greater mobility in their arms and shoulders.

Nia incorporates a range of movement styles and stimulates the nervous system and is done at a level which suits the individual; keeping moves close to the core, or moving higher, lower, wider and with more energy. Each person uses sensation as their guide to assess what is right for them, which means that a class can include people of different ages and levels of fitness.

Nia improves flexibility, strength, mobility, agility and stability, and respects the body’s structure. It tones the muscles, burns calories and is fun to do. It really is holistic fitness for body and mind.

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