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Are you as young as you look?

babyWhen I was 18, people always thought I was younger, but I knew that one day I might be grateful to be thought younger than my real age. That day has come, so any article entitled  “10 ways to look 10 years younger” is going to grab my attention.

Surprisingly, elakesideverything the author suggests is within my control: sleep, eat well, drink water, play, do yoga, use my brain, spend time in nature, be sociable, be adventurous and “Enjoy”.  I’m paraphrasing, but they’re all very sensible, good habits and relatively easy to implement.

I know how much better I feel when I sleep well, eat foods I know are good for me and drink plenty of water. Through Nia and Ageless Grace, I’ve also learned how exercise and play, movement and learning new things can stimulate the brfruitain, create new neural pathways and thus help stave off dementia. From personal experience I have discovered how they can also heal the body, stir the imagination and improve confidence. You can read about my experience with arthritis here.

What a relief to know I’m on the right track!
If you’d like to read the full article, you’ll find it in the “Elephant Journal“.