Take 5 & Move with Ease

I am really excited to share a new event I’m planning: a workshop I’m calling “Move with Ease” where I’ll start to incorporate some of the other techniques I’ve learned in addition to Nia. The details have only just been confirmed – so you’re the first to know. You’ll find some information below and full details on the classes and events page. The venue is the lovely, restful Aditi yoga & pilates studio in Darlington (not far from Morrisons on North Road). Why not join me on 15th July at 6.30? But be sure to book, as places are limited.

This week I’m also planning the first of the classes im doing for the “Colour your life” programme at the Pioneering Care Centre, starting this Friday 8th July. Again, details are on the classes and events page.

A new block of four Nia classes will start next Monday night at the Pioneering Care Centre. Only four this time because I’m taking a break in August and with the Bank Holiday on 29th there were only two other Mondays in the month. However, I intend to start again with a new block of five in September. Look out for details.

Have a great week!


Nia move of the week – Knee Sweep

Lift one of your knees up and then sweep it out to the side, from the middle to the outside of the body. Repeat on the other side. This move improves stability and agility in your hip joints. If you need a gentler version, draw a circle on the floor (clockwise with your right foot; anti-clockwise with the left). Or, lifting the foot, draw the circle in the air – imagine taking it over something a few inches high. Increase the height and energy of the move, depending on your body, using sensation to guide you.

Watch it here.

What I’m reading/watching

Parkinson’s Patients See Benefit From Movement, Dance Therapy.

What this article and video doesn’t say is that the participants are doing Nia! Caroline Kohles who appears in the video is a Nia teacher who said in a recent Facebook post: “I was asked to be the program director to develop fitness programs for people living with PD at JCC Manhattan for this partnership. I jumped at the chance and The Nia: Movement, Music + Magic for Parkinson’s program grew to become a bit hit. In fact, it has become the star of the program.” And the program she is talking about is now carried out in 4 locations in the USA.

Classes & Events

New class: Mindful Movement – 10 sessions starting 8 July
Please contact the Pioneering Care Centre (not me) for more information or to book a place.Move with ease poster

New block of 4 Nia classes, Pioneering Care Centre
Starts Monday 11 July 6.30 p.m. £14.

Move with Ease, Friday 15 July, 6.30 – 8.30 p.m., Aditi Yoga and Pilates, Darlington
A two-hour session where you’ll learn some simple moves to help relieve tension and back pain, move mindfully to soul-stirring music and then relax completely to set yourself up for a great night’s sleep.

Full details of all classes and events