Take 5 & Walk!

Well, I’ve just come in from a brisk 10-minute walk, along the street, up through the park and back down the hill (great views across to bright yellow fields just catching the sun). And my head feels clearer and I’m ready to start working again. I’ve said it before, I think walking is one of the most under-rated forms of exercise. So that’s my tip of the week – get out and walk!

It’s too easy?
No equipment needed?
It’s free?
It doesn’t require specialist training?
So can it do you any good?

Good questions. In the days when I didn’t need a car and was in the fortunate situation of living close enough to work to walk there and back (sometimes at lunch time too), I effortlessly incorporated at least 30 minutes exercise into every day without paying or planning for it. It was something that I did at my pace and I actually enjoyed.

Now that I usually drive to work and to meet friends and family, I really miss the exercise, the movement and the fact that walking clears my head. I have found time and again that during a walk, my sub-conscious finds a solution to the knotty problem I had when I set out. And I’m not alone. Here’s someone who’s saying the same thing (nice when someone agrees with you, isn’t it?).

So quick, while the sun shines – and as soon as you’ve read to the end – get out and walk! You can have that cuppa when you get back!

What I’m reading
A friend just drew my attention to this article: ‘Fitness in middle age ‘could maintain brain health‘. And I’m delighted to know I’m on the right track!   It’s just a case of finding what you like to do: walking, sport, swimming, cycling, Nia… the possibilities to keep moving are endless. Read the article here.

Where you’ll find me
Saturday 30 May 2015, Woodham Community Centre (Newton Aycliffe) 10 – 3.30. ‘Free yourself from back pain‘ & Nia playshop ‘Dancing the spine‘ with David and Amanda from Access Movement.

Why not join us for one or other or both workshops? The last one was very well received, so be sure to book early to benefit from the  early bird prices. More