Taller, lighter and peacefully energised…

512px-still_water_at_dusk“Taller, ligher and peacefully energised.” That’s how two participants of “Move with Ease” ended September and began their weekend – in their own words. We had moved mindfully into the evening with slow, simple, healing Nia moves; I then talked them through some somatic exercises to re-educate brain and muscles to release tension and improve posture. And we rounded off the evening by sharing a guided visualisation where they were able to relax completely. And as a post-script, I heard from one of them that she also enjoyed a great night’s sleep afterwards. Don’t you just love it when everything comes together and people tell you it works?

It was a fantastic start to my weekend too, and to the new month of October. How was yours?  Last month we had the schools starting up again and this month it’s new beginnings for lots of young people starting university. So which new chapter are you beginning in October?

Why not join me this month and begin a new healthy habit? Is there something you’ve been meaning to do for ages – a five minute meditation every day, write a journal, eat more healthily, exercise more, cut down on caffeine or alcohol? Like most people, I know there are probably lots of things I could do to be more healthy, but I know I won’t do them all, so I’ll focus on just one.

My aim is to do 5 minutes of somatic exercises every week-day this month to see whether I can feel the difference by the end of the month. Notice I said, “every week-day” and not “every morning “- I need to give myself a bit of wiggle room for when life gets in the way!  What I’m intending, is that I’ll get into the habit and choose to do it every day.

Will you join me? Can you make it something really simple? Just one thing that is easy to do. But I know I have to be careful because the things that are easy to do, are also very easy not to do!

If you want to let us know what you’ve chosen to do and how you’re getting on, please comment over on the Supple Change Facebook page.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at what else is on the blog below and have a great October.

Nia Move of the month – Outward Block

All Blocks in Nia begin and end in the Ready Position:  A or Sumo Stance, knees soft and spring-loaded, hands in a fist with palms up, elbows in, forearms close to your body. As you move your arms, imagine your head and shoulders are staying within an imaginary picture frame; this means you’re not opening up too far and risking straining shoulder ligaments.

To do the Outward Block, from the Ready Position, bring one fist and forearm across up and out to block the side of your face, while the other elbow pulls back. Keep your hips facing front. Do it strong, or do it jazzy, and enjoy!

The Blocks help build strength and speed in your arms and the core of your body.

Watch it :

Stop Breathe & Think

MP900387543This is the name of an App someone told me about and which I’ve found very helpful for building a few minutes quiet time, mediation or stillness into the day. You can download it to your phone or tablet and choose words to describe how you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally, and the app will suggest a few mediations for you. The shorter ones are free.

Free Move without Pain E-mail course

I have just signed up for this course to help me in the first week of my October Challenge. It’s available via Martha Peterson’s Essential Somatics website. If you go to the website, a pop-up box will appear after a few seconds to allow you to sign up. I can’t tell you what it’s like yet, because I only just received lesson one and haven’t had time to check it out, but I learned about Somatics from Martha and highly recommend her as a teacher.

If Somatics is something that interests you, please let me know as I’m thinking about organising a workshop.

What I’m watching

Here are two tv programmes I found very interesting. You may have seen them too. What was striking was that by adopting a healthier lifestyle people with long-term conditions, experienced huge improvements to their health, without using medication.

  • The Retreat on BBC 2 in which Nick Knowles joined a group on a Thai island to undergo an intense detox and healing programme. The results of the fasting, vegan diet, yoga and meditation – as well as other practices and healing sessions – was profound. And on a physical level the one diabetic followed in the programme lowered his blood sugar level dramatically without using drugs at all.
  • The Doctor who gave up drugs. I was particularly heartened to find that the group of people who started waliking for 30 minutes, five times a week, saw a dramatic improvement in their health too. And walking is so easy for most people and it’s free. Here’s the trailer:

What I’m listening to

A friend recently recommended a healing meditation on YouTube by Jason Stephenson. When I checked it out, I discovered that he also has videos for aiding sleep, for relaxation and for confidence. These are my favourites for healing and for confidence. Great to listen to last thing at night, or first thing in the morning.

Classes and events
Nia in Newton Aycliffe, Mondays at 6.30 p.m.

Nia logo new redA new block of five Nia classes begins on Monday 10 October at the Pioneering Care Centre in Newton Aycliffe.
Details on the Classes and events page.

u-class-experienceNia routine “U” now available on DVD and digital download

And on the subject of Nia, the routine “U” is now available as a digital download from Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. And you can buy the DVD from Nianow and Amazon.

Northumbria Healers Mind Body Spirit event, Saturday 8 October, Hexham.

More information on Classes & Events and on the Northumbria Healers website.