What is Irish Set Dance?

Irish Set Dance is great fun, a great way to meet people and to keep fit.

A “set” is four couples and a “Set Dance” is made up of several parts or “figures” each made up of a number of moves. They were danced at home (the names of the moves reflect this – dance “at home”, “round the house”) or people would meet at the crossroads between villages, put down some wooden boards to dance on and local musicians would play.  Most dances include a “social” figure, where the lady dances with each gent in the set in turn, returning to her own partner at the end.

Set dancing has enjoyed a huge revival in recent years. Workshops, classes and ceilidhs are held around the world and a recent workshop in the south of England attracted participants from all corners of the UK and Ireland, as well as from France, Germany and the Czech Republic (there may have been others we didn’t meet).

Information on classes and events around the world is published in “Set Dancing News” magazine and on the Set Dancing News Website.

And here’s a small taste of what it’s about: